Our system’s results include over 300 people who are more proficient in technology and technical skills.

UP TO 91%

…of employees or staff members chose their place of work for professional development and training opportunities.


No two students, jobs, companies, or opportunities are alike in a changing world, so we offer training customized to companies and students.


Our system includes soft skills like communication, planning, and decision-making, which are vital to any job. 57% of business leaders agree.

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We Teach In-Demand Skills

Why Valiant?

Nimble. Agile. Dynamic.

Our firm is built around providing the best strategies and fast thinkers for our clients.

Brilliant Team

We hire dynamic, engaging people to help our clients succeed.

Creative & Professional

Our team is dedicated to our clients’ needs and always thinking of the best ways to achieve excellent outcomes.

Unique Methodologies

Our team applies proven, effective, and creative approaches to all the work that we do; whether it’s training a group of people or rebuilding a technology division.

ROI Guaranteed.

Every client we serve gets a simple guarantee: the work we do will bring you the best return for the investment you make. Your satisfaction is our priority.


We are a dynamic team of expert technologists, led by a highly-experienced, seasoned trainer. We won’t stop until your team is well-prepared for the challenges ahead.
While our expertise ranges from finance, legal, and professional services, to the automation, and heavy industry fields, we are eager to serve a wide variety of businesses.
We have experience with the challenges and needs of enterprise and smaller client companies, and have a track record of proven, reliable success.
Everything we do, including training, focuses on return-on-investment for our clients; we aren’t merely about cost-savings or overview assessments; we deliver substantial outcomes.
The impact from our services has been excellent. We have helped clients increase productivity by 12.5%, create 200% ROI in new sales growth, and restructure technical teams to produce 150% average increases in efficiency and delivery.

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Not sure yet? Have some questions for our Lead Trainer? Good! Schedule a virtual coffee with Adam. Select a time that works for you.